From Bushehr to Australia

Second single from Otagh's upcoming new album


The track From Bushehr to Australia is inspired by last year’s deadly forest fires in Australia and in particular the devastating images of the animals that were affected by the blaze, their homes destroyed. Some of the images, showing kangaroos and koalas clinging to each other in fear as their habitats burned around them, were particularly moving. At the same time, the ancient Zagros mountain range in Iran was also hit by huge forest fires – the woodlands that cover large swathes of the protected area, parts of which also stretch into Bushehr, were decimated.

Seeing these images and hearing about the events, Omid Saeedi was inspired to write a melody based on a traditional romantic folk song from southern Iran to pay tribute to the animals and people who lost their lives and their homes. The track acts as a rite of mourning or a funeral chant dedicated to anyone who finds themselves suddenly plunged into devastating situations where they can only cling to their loved ones for protection.

The cover design for From Bushehr to Australia single, designed by studio Kargah