In the Oil Fields

An album by Otagh


This album consists of short, everyday tales of coastal dwellers in southern Iran. They are stories of hopes and dreams, of love, thirst and desire, fear, mourning, protest and migration. Many years ago, Iran's first oil well was dug in the place where these stories are set. Nowadays it's a rendezvous spot for lovers.


Musicians: Omid Saidi (Words, Music, Vocals, Piano, Ney-anbân), Bamdad Afshar (Arrangements, Electronic Sounds), Niusha Ghorbani (Vocals, Dammam), Asghar Piran (Vocal on Ahvâz), Ray Dickaty (Saxophones on To the Castle & Blues in the Sea), Amin Salimian (Kudu Horn on From Bushehr to Australia)

Recording: Kaveh Abedini, Maziar Babashi (Saba Studio)

Mixing and Mastering: Reza Assadpour

Graphic Design: Studio Kargah

Produced by Hesam Garshasbi

In the Oil Fields Cover designed by Studio Kargah