Leili's Turn

Music from the original TV series


The soundtrack for the series "Leili's Turn" can be considered a continuation of the two-volume collection "Tafrigh" and the final part of this trilogy. Bamdad Afshar, who has used a combination of different and even contrasting styles as the basis of his experiments in his various periods of work, has fused strings with the atmosphere of ambient and electronic music and other styles in this trilogy. In Tafrigh (Vol. 1) with Koocheh-bazari music, in Tafrigh (vol. 2) with Persian rap, and in “Leili’s Turn" with Iranian local legends and the music of Eastern European gypsy community. Specifically, the first few seconds of the song "Qairvan" in this collection is a tribute to the late musician of Romanian origin, Nicolae Neacșu.


Composed and arranged by Bamdad Afshar

Musicians: Aso Kohzadi (Guest composer, Violins, Piano), Niusha Ghorbanii (Vocals, Cello), Pouya Shomali (Guitars, Bass), Omid Saidi (Nay-anban, Ocarina), Niloufar Ghorbaniii (Santur, Harp), Milad Kazemi (Violins), Pedram Soleimani (Percussions, Castanuelas), Arash Vali (Percussions), Keyvan Joolaeii (Didgeridoo, Trombone), Erfan Aseminejad( Shaman Vocals)

Recording, Mix and Mastering at Otagh studio

Music for “Leila’s Turn” series, directed by Rouhollah Hejazi

Graphic design: Studio kargah

Leili's Turn Soundtrack
Cover design by Studio Kargah