An album by Safir and Otagh


Tafrigh (subtraction) is the product of the pandemic era, it’s the deprivation and fear that we’ve seen and felt during these past few years. It’s a fear that is not only caused by viruses and diseases that thrive on our need to connect and make contact, but  also the isolation and confinement that the breakages in those connections forces us into. Tafrigh is the consequence of isolation in the age of quarantine.

Tafrigh is an experimental album in two volumes: one by the band Otagh and the other by Iranian rapper Safir in collaboration with Otagh. The tracks on each volume are similar but with key differences and additions.

By listening to both volumes of Tafrigh, the audience is confronted with two narratives of the same story. The absence of rap in the first narrative encourages the mind of the listener to meander and build a unique interpretation of the story. This idea echos the meaning of the album’s title, because tafrigh means “subtraction”.


Rapper: Safir

Guest Rappers: Rokh, Daygard

Composer: Bamdad Afshar

Guest Composers: Aso Kohzadi, Asghar Piran, Saeed Dehghan, Najwa

Lyrics: Safir, Bahman Bakhtiari, Rokh, Daygard, Poria Alami

Otagh Band: Niusha Ghorbani (Vocals, Cello), Pouya Shomali (Bass), Omid Saidi (Ney-anban), Asghar Piran (Vocals, Setar), Bamdad Afshar (Shruti Box, Synths)

Guest Musicians: Aso Kohzadi (Violin, Piano), Mahsa Aboutalebi (Qanoon), Niloufar Ghorbani (Piano), Martin Shamoonpour (Flute), Kiarash Bakhtiari (Electric Guitar), Arash Vali (Guitar, Percussion), Ahmad Ghorbani (Vocals)

Rap Recording: Sahand Mohammadzadeh

Rap Mix: Saeed Dehghan

Mix and Mastering: Reza Asadpour

Graphics: Hamid Shavarean

Produced by Hesam Garshasbi

Tafrigh cover by Hamid Shavarean