Tafrigh: Out Now!

Tafrigh cover photo by Hamid Shavarean

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Tafrigh digital album!

This double album marks the first collaboration between Vaak Records and Otagh Band in the realm of Persian Rap, one of the most significant and influential genres of contemporary Iranian popular music. Additionally, the album features references to Kouche Bazari, a folk music from Tehran.

Tafrigh is an experimental album comprising two volumes, one by Otagh Band and the other by Iranian rapper Safir in collaboration with Otagh. While the tracks on each volume share similarities, they also feature key differences and unique additions.

Listening to both volumes of Tafrigh offers the audience two distinct narratives of the same story. The absence of rap in the first narrative encourages listeners to engage their imagination and construct a unique interpretation of the story. This concept resonates with the album's title, as Tafrigh means "subtraction" in Farsi.

Tafrigh is now available on all major streaming platforms.