Quartet Diminished + Colin Bass Live in London

Quartet Diminished

Join us on Friday 27 September for an unforgettable experience - Quartet Diminished's live performance at Kings Place in London, featuring special guest Colin Bass.

Formed in Tehran in 2013, Quartet Diminished has become one of Iran's most prominent contemporary music groups. Their music is characterized by its stylistic diversity, drawing inspiration from a range of genres including contemporary jazz, art rock, and avant-garde music, while refusing to conform to any particular style or idiom.

‘Quartet Diminished is an accomplished group with a distinctive collective sound . There are just enough Middle Eastern sounds to remind the listener where they are from, but they also have an international identity – and a skill set comparable to musicians anywhere in the world.’ Mark Sullivan – All About Jazz Magazine 

‘In the past decades, few groups have reflected the voices that surround them in such an enhanced way as Diminished. In oppressed societies, the imagination of the mind is at odds with the eyes and ears, what the mind sees and hears are hazy memories in search of a dream from the past, yet it’s floating in the present.’ Hossein Alizadeh – Aftabnet Magazine

‘Overall, the sophistication of the performances suggests the quartet’s name is a misnomer. Rather than diminishing sounds, the band is augmenting all timbres into a satisfying Persian-Western fusion.’ Ken Waxman – The Whole Note Magazine

Colin Bass

About Colin Bass

Born in London in 1951, Colin Bass has been a professional musician for over five decades, working across a wide range of musical genres with artists from around the world. He is best known as the bassist and vocalist of the British prog-rock band Camel, a role he has held since 1979. Additionally, he was a key member of the World Music group 3 Mustaphas 3 from 1985-1991, and has collaborated with numerous artists including Oumou Sangare, Steve Hillage, and Debashish Bhattacharya.

Bass has released three solo albums, as well as a series of albums recorded in Indonesia, where his 1994 hit song "Denpasar Moon" remains popular to this day. As an award-winning record producer, he has worked with a variety of artists such as The Klezmatics from the United States, Joonas Widenius Trio from Finland, 9Bach from Wales, and Etran Finatawa from Niger.

His latest album, "Still," is a collaboration with keyboard player Daniel Biro.