Say Your Most Beautiful Word: Mahan Mirarab Band Live in London

Mahan Miarab Band - Georg Cizek Graf

Join us for an unforgettable evening of music as the Mahan Mirarab Band takes the stage at the Marylebone Theatre in London on February 25th.

Mirarab's album, "Say Your Most Beautiful Word," fuses European chamber music, contemporary jazz, and Iranian classical music. The seven pieces, featuring Mirarab and a talented sextet, reinterpret Persian traditions. Tracks like "Beginning" explore minimalist improvisations, while "Taboo Ata" challenges Iranian rhythmic-harmonic conventions. The album reflects Mirarab's call for open emotional expression. Other pieces offer diverse musical journeys, culminating in a dreamlike finale inspired by director Jacqueline Kornmüller's work.

This concert is part of the "Say Your Most Beautiful Word" release tour, featuring 11 concerts across Europe. For more details and to secure your tickets, please click here.