Moosa Koo Taqi: A Motion Graphics Music Video, Produced by Vaak Records

Moosa-Koo-Taghi is a colloquial name given to a common type of urban dove or pigeon found in various parts of Iran. Its name originates from the Persian phrase "Moosa Koo Taghi?" which means "Moosa, where is Taghi?" The sound of this bird's song is very similar to the phrase.

According to one myth, Moosa, Taghi, and Karim are three brothers who set out to play one day, but Taghi goes missing. His brothers search the city for him, but to no avail. They split up to search using different different tweets and calls. While one continues to search on foot, Karim wishes to become a bird to see everything from above.

His wish is granted, and he turns into a dove. This is why collared doves are known as Ya-Karim in some cultures in Iran. Karim flies over the city and calls out to Moosa from above, "Where is Taghi?" They never find Taghi, and Karim remains a dove, forever searching for his brother in the skies above the city.