Bomrani Live in London

Bomrani in London

Join us for the highly anticipated debut concert of the Iranian band, Bomrani, in London on June 8th at Lafayette!

Established in 2008, Bomrani is a renowned alternative band hailing from Iran, originating in the underground scene of Tehran and now embarking on a European tour. The band lineup features Behzad Omani (vocals, acoustic guitar), Mani Mozaka (harmonica and trombone), Jahanyar Ghorbani (electric guitar, mandolin, ukulele, trumpet), Arash Omrani (keyboards, piano, accordion), Kiarash Omrani (bass guitar, banjo), and Salar Asghari (drums). They have released notable albums such as "Naked Socks," "Red Bus," "Common Vent," "Leaving and Passing By," and "Probably There Is No Hero," and have toured extensively around the world.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience Bomrani's unique sound live on stage! For more details and to secure your tickets, please click here.