Blue: A Single by Mona Davar & Monicki

"Blue" is a single by two young and talented Iranian musicians. Written by Iranian singer-songwriter and pianist, Mona Davar, this is the first track from her "Colorful" trilogy, delving into the theme of love. The vocals on this track are beautifully delivered by Monicki, an Iranian singer-songwriter who started in Persian traditional music playing the tar, and has since embraced jazz and other genres, shaping her voice through their fusion.


Vocals: Monicki

Music & Lyrics: Mona Davar

Piano: Sardar Sarmast

Violins: Ali Jafari Pouyan

Bass, Mix & Mastering: Amir Reza Behzad

Guitar: Fabio Leal

Cover Design: Ghazal Foroutan

Blue Cover
  • Blue

    Music & Lyrics: Mona Davar / Vocals: Monicki / © Vaak Records