Beraghs (Dance!): Otagh's Latest Music Video, Produced by Vaak Records

The track "Beraghs (Dance!)" on the album Tafrigh attempts to blend two distinct musical styles. One is Tehran's cafe music, also known as "Kooche-baazari," which is considered "light music" with a simple structure and is typically played during celebrations. The other style is serious or art music, with complex harmonies and influences from European classical music. While the former is closely tied to marginalized communities, the latter is usually associated with middle and upper classes.

Written by Bamdad Afshar and Aso Kohzadi, "Beraghs" has been used in the original scores of both the TV series Leily's Turn and the movie Dreamless. The music video for the track, directed by the Pahlavani brothers, showcases Iran's lesser-known choreography scene and was filmed in various locations, including Tehran's Grand Bazaar and Namak Lake, a salt lake near Kashan in Isfahan province.