Time: A Single by Mona Davar

"Time births us, fills us with dreams, and consumes us."

"Time" marks the debut single of Mona Davar, a talented Iranian composer, vocalist, and pianist. While her compositions sometimes carries a blues flavor, she refuses to confine herself to any one genre.

"Still, most of the songs I create are inspired by my own experiences and the world around me. Taking a direct look into human experiences and the state of things yields strong emotions. When it comes to tough times and problems, the blues becomes a powerful way to turn feelings into music."


Music & Lyrics: Mona Davarpour

Piano & Trumpet: Sardar Sarmast

Double-bass: Aref Mirbaghi

Mix & Mastering: Mona Davar, Amir Behzad

Graphic Design: Ghazal Foroutan

  • Time

    Music & Lyrics: Mona Davar / © Vaak Records