Rebel (OST): An EP by Bamdad Afshar

"Rebel," the original soundtrack from the TV series composed by Bamdad Afshar, is now accessible on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, and more, as an EP.

The TV series "Yaghi," directed by Mohammad Kart and produced by Seyyed Maziar Hashemi, aired between May and September 2022 on Filmo, an Iranian video-on-demand streaming service. Bammad Afshar incorporated Zorkhane percussions to evoke the atmosphere of Iranian Pahlevani rituals in the music for this series.


Composed and arranged by Bamdad Afshar

Musicians: Niloufar Ghorbani (Santur), Ali ghahreman (Zurkhaneh Percussions), Niusha Ghorbani (Cello), Ali Anvari (Whistle), Omid Saidi (Piano), Aso Kohzadi (Violin), Pouya Shomali (Bass), Arash Vali (Ukulele)

Recording: Sahand Mohammadzadeh

Graphic Design: Studio Kargah

Rebel album cover
  • Rebel (Music from the original TV series)

    Music from the original TV series "Yaghi" (Rebel) / Directed by Mohammad Kart / Composed by Bamdad Afshar / © Vaak Records