Skin (OST): An Album by Bamdad Afshar

Experience the award-winning soundtrack of the 2020 film "Skin" with Bamdad Afshar's latest album. This compilation features 9 score pieces, earning Afshar the Best Music Award at Iran's Fajr film festival.

Afshar blends Iranian myths with Shamanic and Turkmen music, accompanied by the haunting melodies of the Kopuz and the mesmerizing voice of Ashiq Vali Abdi from Ahar. Drawing inspiration from the grotesque demonic figures in Mohammad Siyah-Qalam's paintings, the music in "Skin" is a hauntingly beautiful experiment that transports listeners to another realm.


Musicians: Bamdad Afshar (Music, Arrangements), Ashiq Vali Abdi (Qopuz, Vocals), Hossein Bakhshi (Balaban), Mostafa Mohtarami (Dayere), Niusha Ghorbani (Cello), Roozbeh Shahgaldi (Kamanche), Arash Valinejad (Percussion), Erfan Aseminejad (Throat Singing), Bahman Ark (Zanburak)

Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Bamdad Afshar (Studio Otagh)

Graphic Design: Hamid Shavarean

Skin OST Cover
  • Skin (OST)

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