Jazz Masters Ronin & Phemo Quartet Live in London

Nik Barertsch's Ronin Trio

We are excited to announce the much-anticipated live return of Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin to London’s Kings Place on March 26th, with support from the Iranian-British quartet, Phemo.

With Ronin Trio, Swiss pianist and composer Nik Bärtsch continues with the work on his RITUAL GROOVE MUSIC together with Kaspar Rast (drums) and Jeremias Keller (bass). Their music consistently follows the same aesthetic vision under various instrumental guises: creating the maximum effect by minimal means.

Despite the multiplicity of the band’s influences, Ronin’s music always possesses a strong individuality. They incorporate elements of disparate musical worlds, be they funk, new classical music or sounds from Japanese ritual music.

“This music draws its energy from the tension between compositional precision and the self-circumvention of improvisation. From self-implied restriction stems freedom. Ecstasy through asceticism.”

Phemo Quartet

Phemo Quartet

Creating a new musical language, in association with memory, has always been the priority for Phemo Quartet, whose current line-up includes Ashkan Layegh (piano) , Sam Norris (alto saxophone), Harry Ling (drums), and Gonçalo Maia Caetano (bass).

The band’s diverse background makes Phemo’s sound a collision of various musical forces, from Progressive Rock to traditional Persian Music and the modal jazz of Miles Davis and John Coltrane to Swiss Contemporary Music.

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