Harmonies from Balochistan: Rostam Mirlashari's Concert in London

Rostam Mirlashari

Join us on December 8 as Kings Place resonates with the captivating melodies of Rostam Mirlashari, acclaimed as the 'Prince of Balochi music,' and his ensemble.

Emerging from his significant role in "Golbang," Mirlashari introduces his latest project, Rozhnak, translating to 'Light' in Balochi, during this concert. Accompanied by an ensemble of exceptional talent, including Daniel Reid, Bamshad Mirlashari, Mårten Hilbom, and Ruben Farias, they collectively promise a musical journey seamlessly fusing Balochi traditions with contemporary influences.

In a touching gesture, Rostam and his ensemble dedicate this concert to the people of Baluchistan and the "Woman, Life & Freedom" revolution in Iran. Join us for a night of cross-cultural celebration at Kings Place, embracing the universal language of music on December 8th.

This concert is proudly presented by Vaak Records and Art Stage.