Ondor Bondor: A Single from Otagh's Upcoming New Album

Check out "Ondor Bondor," a single from Otagh's latest album "In the Oil Fields"! The track is a fusion of southern Iranian folk music, electronic music and alternative rock. Arranged by Bamdad Afshar and written by Omid Saidi, the song draws inspiration from Yazle, a native form of folk song characterised by a call-and-response pattern typically sung in chorus. Available now on all major streaming platforms.


Musicians: Omid Saidi (words, music, vocals, piano, ney-anbân), Bamdad Afshar (arrangements, electronic sounds), Niusha Ghorbani (vocals, dammam), Pouya Shomali (bass)

Recording: Kaveh Abedini, Maziar Babashi (Saba Studio)

Mixing and Mastering: Reza Assadpour

Graphic Design: Studio Kargah

Produced by Hesam Garshasbi

Ondor Bondor Cover
  • Ondor Bondor (Single)

    Music & Lyrics: Omid Saidi / Arrangements: Bamdad Afshar / © Vaak Records