Pari Nafti: A New Single by Otagh

This single is written by Omid Saidi and inspired by the late Iranian author of short stories and novels from Bushehr, Sadegh Chubak's work "Nafti" (Oil Peddler). Omid's rendition of the story is about a fairy who peddles oil and has run out of stock, forcing her to leave her city and travel overseas. Fayez, who is madly in love with the fairy and entranced by the scent of oil, sets off into the sea to see her again, but he never returns.

A live version of the song was previously released on Owrsi, and the studio version is now available on all major streaming platforms.


Musicians: Omid Saidi (words, music, vocals, piano, ney-anbân), Bamdad Afshar (arrangements, electronics), Niusha Ghorbani (vocals, dammam), Pouya Shomali (bass)

Recording: Kaveh Abedini, Maziar Babashi (Saba Studio)

Mixing and Mastering: Reza Assadpour

Graphic Design: Studio Kargah

Produced by Hesam Garshasbi

Pari Nafti cover
  • Pari Nafti (Single)

    Music: Omid Saidi & Otagh Band / Arrangment: Bamdad Afshar / Lyrics: Omid Saidi / © Vaak Records